Embrace Three-Day Weekends in 2024

When a holiday weekend is approaching, that extra day off may be the perfect opportunity to plan a short trip.  A three-day weekend can be the best opportunity to take off and relax.  Plus, planning a weekend getaway is a lot simpler than planning long vacations.  First, decide what activities you’d like to do, and then choose your destination.   

Martin Luther King Day – Monday, January 15

Martin Luther King Day Anniversary - American Flag - Three-Day Weekend Travel Ideas

If you’re planning a trip for the three-day weekend, spend your time learning more about MLK by spending time near his home in Atlanta.  You can stop by Ebenezer Church to hear recordings of his speeches and learn about why he was such a prominent leader of change.  Or, if you prefer to soak up some sunshine, consider Miami.  The weather is warm enough to give you the chance to tour the architectural art scene of Ocean Drive. Restaurant Week in New York City also begins January 16–and lasts through February 4–so give in to your gourmet urges and sample some of the best dishes across the city. Fair warning, weather can be seasonably chilly, but for the past 20 years, Restaurant Week has been a hit with tourists and residents. The opportunity to try some of the best restaurants for bargain prices makes braving the weather worth it.   

Presidents Day – Monday, February 19

Presidents Day - Three-Day Weekend Travel Ideas

Those looking to travel over President’s Day shouldn’t miss the annual Carnaval Brasileiro in Austin, Texas, one of the biggest Brazilian Carnaval celebrations outside Brazil.  And if you try your hand at Brasileiro-style samba, you might forget it’s winter.  Or, if travel takes you to New Orleans, schedule time to warm up from the inside out, as the daytime temperatures hover in the low 60s.  You can dance in the streets celebrating Mardi Gras and enjoy spicy Creole dishes such as gumbo and jambalaya.  Make a stop in Seattle for a unique getaway and venture beneath the streets.  If you don’t mind a bit of chilly weather, take a guided tour of the underground passageways of Pioneer Square.    

Memorial Day – Monday, May 27

Vegas pool party

Some people look forward to Memorial Day to celebrate the beginning of summer fun.  Days of barbecues, parties, and family get-togethers start here.  This year, why not visit another city instead and spend time outdoors sightseeing, hiking, and exploring a new place?  Visit our Memorial Day event guide for more ideas.   

July 4 – Thursday 

This year, the birth of our nation falls on a Thursday, the perfect kick-off to a potential three-day weekend.  Cities all over America will be celebrating this national holiday, bustling with parades and fireworks. The next (official) three-day weekend won’t be until next year, so be sure and take advantage of your extra time off and check out our event page for things to do.   

Labor Day – Monday, September 2

Sandbar Miami

This weekend, use your time off to enjoy the last of the summer weather.  Whether you’re interested in touring a new city, visiting famous landmarks, or just taking some time to relax, visit our Labor Day weekend page to find out more about the best cities to visit.  

Columbus Day/Indigenous People’s Day – Monday, October 14


Celebrate Columbus Day with unique experiences.  In Ohio, book your flight on a WWII aircraft – it’s fun and educational for the entire family, bringing a piece of history to life.  Pilots take you on a 30-minute tour of the sky in a plane used to train pilots during WWII.  In LA, spend a day biking along the coast on a 22-mile bike path that connects many of LA’s best beaches and provides stunning ocean views.  Enjoy warm weather in Phoenix in a hot air balloon over the Sonoran Desert, or visit the Grand Canyon.  If you’re more interested in a guided activity, look no further than Chicago. The Windy City is chock full of interesting tours that take you off the beaten path.  During the Chicago pizza tour, visit various neighborhoods to taste one of the city’s most famous foods. Or, try one of its gangster and ghost tours. Here, get a more colorful side of Chicago’s history, when the Loop was the hub for bootleggers and gangsters.