San Diego September 2024

San Diego September 2024 Events

San Diego September 2024 Events

San Diego in Superb in September

Average temperature low and high: 66°-87°
In SoCal's southernmost major city, San Diego's weather is almost always perfect. Even in the summer months, the sea brings fresh, cool air to the city, and the sound of rolling waves is always within earshot. Tourists will be flocking to San Diego, whether it's to beat the heat elsewhere or to see America's Finest City for themselves.

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Things to do in San Diego

Things to Do in San Diego in September

Visit the San Diego Zoo

Visit the San Diego Zoo
A visit to the San Diego Zoo is home to over 4000 animals of 800+ species, cleverly encases these living tales within habitat-themed exhibits, from deserts to rainforests. Innovating with cageless displays revolutionized the zoo experience, making you feel more like a globetrotter on safari than a traditional zoo visitor. The zoo's edutainment approach makes learning fun— not just about animals. Surprise, it's also a botanical garden housing 750,000 rare and endangered plants. There's a downside, though—it's impossible to cover it all in a single day. Map out which parts must see or return for a second day.

Go on a Ride at Belmont Park

Go on a Ride at Belmont Park
Belmont Park opened in 1925, immediately becoming a San Diego sensation with the iconic Giant Dipper roller coaster. The amusement park has only grown over time but continues to draw thousands with a timeless retro charm on the Mission Beach coastline. Guest can spin around on a carousel, drive bumper cars and challenge their physical will with a rock climbing wall. In a unique touch, it's possible to access the beach directly from the amusement park. Come throughout the year for regular seasonal and holiday events.